CARLTON CLINIC closed Thursday 5/8, Friday 6/8, Tuesday 10/8, Wednesday 11/8 & Thursday 12/8
Unfortunately due to a Covid +ve case we are having to isolate several members of the team.
We have taken the decision to close Carlton on the above days & we are in the process of contacting any clients affected.
Please ring the clinic if you have an appointment booked at Carlton those dates if you have not heard from us.
We are also having to restrict or rebook non urgent operations & some appointments due to running a restricted staff at the Mapperley clinic for the next 10 days.
You will be contacted by the practice if this affects you directly.
If you have any concerns or need to book an appointment please contact the clinic in the usual way either ring 0115 9667920 or for less urgent enquiries or prescription requests email on  .
Please be prepared for non urgent consults to be booked at a later stage, we can do some consults by video if appropriate.
As usual we are proud to provide a 24 hour emergency cover for all our pets working with our colleagues at Nottingham Vets Now during our Out of Hours periods.
Many thanks for all your ongoing support & patience during the ongoing pandemic.
I would like to thank all the brilliant members of our team who are having to work extra hard to provide the care for all of our clients and their pets during this tricky time.