CO-VID19 UPDATE 26/4/20

We have received several enquiries re what we are doing with routine vaccinations, booster vaccinations during the current lockdown.

The UK Government has reinforced this week how important it is that people continue to stay at home to save lives.

Sadly we have not reached the peak of this virus outbreak yet & the lockdown restrictions are likely to continue for some weeks to come.

This weekend we received updated guidance from the Royal College Of Veterinary Surgeons & the British Veterinary Association.

The guidance is that certain procedures such as vaccinations & neutering can resume but only on an individual case by case basis, after risk assessment of each individual situation, whilst still absolutely minimising any health risk to our clients & staff.

We believe as a veterinary profession we have a responsibility to protect human life, our clients, staff & all their families. This is especially to protect those in the vulnerable & high risk categories.


Primary Vaccines

– At this stage of the lock-down we will be restarting doing Puppy & Kitten Vaccinations , as well as completing any 2nd puppy and kitten vaccinations which are due.

If you have a new puppy or kitten needing vaccination please ring the surgery and we will register you & book you in for your consultation.

At this time we will be running vaccination clinics only at our Carlton Clinic, at 26-28 Station Road, NG4 3AT.

Please note we are not doing primary vaccinations for pets who are registered at other local vets, please contact them to make arrangements, we will complete 2nd vaccinations where the first jab was carried out by the breeder.

  • Puppies will be due their first injection after they are 10 weeks old, Kittens & Rabbits can be from 8 weeks
  • We are still running Video Puppy/Kitten/Kit health check & advisory consultations with one of our
  • During the video consult we conduct an health check, can answer your questions & sort out a free wormer & flea treatment, some free Hills starter Simply ring the surgery to organise a consult.
  • If your pup has had it’s first puppy jab after 10 weeks old it will be protected from Distemper, Viral Hepatitis & Canine Parvovirus from 10-14 days after the injection, if the first DHP vaccine was given before 10 weeks old then the pup will not be protected by a single injection & a second injection is required.
  • However the Leptospirosis portion of the vaccine needs to be given as 2 injections 4 weeks apart and then the pup is protected 2 weeks after that jab.
  • Kitten vaccinations for Feline Enteritis, Cat Flu & Feline Leukaemia Virus need to be given as 2 injections 3-4 weeks apart, with protection developing 14 days after the course is
  • Rabbit vaccinations are given annually on 2 visits, to protect of Myxamotosis & Haemmorrhagic Viral Disease type 1 & Type 2 strains. Spring/Summer is the high risk time for Myxomatosis and so it is important your rabbit is vaccinated at this


During the time when your young pet is not vaccinated our best advice is to keep them at home/not let them outside of your garden/yard where they may be at risk.

The good news is that you will need to do extra play and interactions with your youngster to keep them stimulated & happy!

1st Annual Boosters

At this time we will also be re-starting giving the 1st year annual booster to young cats & dogs, this booster is an essential part of reinforcing good lifelong immunity.

This booster can be given up to 14 months after primary puppy vaccination course or 15 months after primary kitten course. Rabbit vaccines need to be given 12 monthly.


Booster Vaccinations

Given after the primary course has been completed

  • Annual booster vaccines have also been stopped for the time being
  • The DHP [Distemper, Hepatitis,Parvovirus] part of the dog vaccine is only given every 3 years and so it may be your dog will still be covered at present even if the Leptospirosis component, which is given annually, is due.
  • The RCP [ Cat Flu, Feline Enteritis] part of the cat vaccine only needs to be given every 3 years and so your cat may still be covered even if the FeLV [ Feline Leukaemia Virus] component , which is given annually, is due.
  • Kennel Cough is an illness which rarely causes serious disease in dogs and as such the vaccine is currently not been given, the risk during the Social Isolation is low as we are not mixing dogs, going to puppy classes or boarding kennels. The vaccine lasts for 12 months from the last


If booster vaccines are overdue then they do not stop protecting your pet immediately.

There is a 3 month window with cat boosters and a 2 month window with dogs, before we need to do a 2 injection restart course.

Rest assured we will run an Vaccine Amnesty after the crisis so we can update any loss of protection. This will be just the same price as a normal booster with the second jab being free or if you are one of our special Pet Health Club members there will be no charge for the second jab.


We are continually monitoring advice from our professional bodies & will restart booster vaccinations as soon as it is safer to do so

Please keep an eye on Facebook & our Website for any updates.


We welcome new clients from Nottingham and beyond to our surgeries