If your pet hasn’t been vaccinated for 14 months and is over 6 months old, and their vaccine has lapsed, then protect them for the price of a booster!

As a practice we are committed to trying to prevent your pet from suffering from preventable diseases.

Sadly infectious diseases such as Cat Flu, Canine Parvovirus & Myxomatosis are all too common amongst unvaccinated pets.

cat and yorkie in nottingham
We are running our Vaccine Amnesty in March and April to encourage clients whose pet’s boosters have lapsed to get their pets protected again at a special reduced price.

Applies to all dogs, cats & rabbits whose vaccinations are out of date or who have never been vaccinated.

Pet must not have been vaccinated for 14 months and be over 6 months old.

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Oak House Vets – Vaccine Update

Oak House Vets – Vaccine Update

In line with current RCVS guidelines we are now able to catch up on our routine vaccinations & boosters, starting with the pets who are overdue by more than 1 month

Sad Goodbye

Sad Goodbye

Both are lovely people & exceptional veterinary nurses, we wish them well in the future