Acupuncture is based on an ancient health system, which translates perfectly into our modern world. It involves the placing of needles into specific locations on the body to alleviate pain, improve recovery rates and increase resistance to disease.

Acupuncture treatment should always follow an accurate diagnosis of the problem and a full appraisal of all treatment options. In many cases, acupuncture is best used in conjunction with conventional medicine. However, in some situations, it can be used as a sole treatment.

Adding acupuncture to a treatment plan can help to reduce the patient’s requirements for medications which may have undesirable side effects.

Most importantly, acupuncture is extremely safe when practiced correctly and is well accepted by the majority of animals.

Although it is based on an ancient Eastern system, scientific research into acupuncture has made enormous progress over the past 40 years and now explains much of acupuncture’s actions.

In the Veterinary field, acupuncture is mainly used to treat pain and discomfort. However, its effectiveness has also been shown for other conditions, such as gastrointestinal disease, urinary disorders, epilepsy and much more. Over the years, Yvonne has helped many pets suffering from a wide variety of problems.

yvonne sommerSo, what can you expect at your first visit? Yvonne Sommers our vet will need to know the health history of your pet, even seemingly unrelated events. She will then conduct a thorough examination of your pet and discuss the possible benefits of acupuncture treatment with you. As acupuncture treatment is always tailored to the individual pet, this is a crucial step.

The first treatment is usually a gentle introductory treatment, so that both you and your pet can adjust to the process. This will involve your pet to be either on the table or the floor of the consult room, with you holding and reassuring it. Needles are gently placed in different locations; they usually stay in for about 10 to 15 minutes, but we’ll go slow!

Most animals are quick to ‘go with the flow’, resulting in a happy relaxed state, often falling asleep during the treatment.

Depending on the condition, it requires on average 4 to 6 acupuncture treatments to assess whether it is a suitable and effective treatment to give your pet the required help and relief.

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Nutritional Advice

Nutritional Advice

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