As a practice we strongly advise all clients to have appropriate pet health insurance

Our staff are always happy  to discuss pros/cons of different types of pet health insurance and difference from our Pet Health Club, which is a payment plan for your pet’s preventive health care.

Unfortunately we are not allowed by law to discuss individual insurance companies or policies.

Sarah Bleecker is our Insurance Coordinator, assisted by Rachel Logan.

Any insurance related enquiries or problems should be directed through her or Rachel.


A charge of £4+vat per claim is made for completing insurance forms

-unless the patients are current Pet Health Club members or the claim is an e-claim.

If we do not complete forms ready for collection in 10 working days we will refund the fee in full (unless unavoidable delays due to client/insurance company).

This fee is paid at time of handing in the insurance forms & is not recoverable from the insurance company.

The fee is charged to help cover the administrative costs incurred completing the insurance claims.


Generally we advise clients that it will take 10 working days to complete insurance forms. (Providing we have been given all the correct information and documents)


Please check the insurance form with our staff when it is presented. In particular check which condition(s) are being claimed & that the client section has been filled in properly.


Please also clarify on dropping off forms, whether the claim is to be filled in now or if it is to be held over until the end of the course of treatment.



 We do not do Direct Claims without authorisation from the Directors, they are discretionary & depend on the nature of the claim and our claims history with a particular company.


We are happy to consider processing Direct Claims for larger procedures or more complicated ongoing cases but reserve the right to refuse them at our discretion.



  • Clients must bring in full insurance documentation before consideration & this must be checked for Excesses, exclusions, & extra conditions.


  • A pre-authorisation claim needs to be completed & processed by the Insurance company. This takes time to do, so we cannot authorise Direct Claims on the spot.


  • When authorised by the Practice a note will be placed on the case history


  • All excesses need to be paid for at the time including percentage excess and non insured items e.g. dentals,food. The Insurance Processing Fee needs to be paid at this time also.


  • Care with regard to separate excesses may need to be applied for separate conditions.


  • The Insurance forms need to be brought in to be checked and signed on commencement of the treatment. Make sure the insurance form is filled in correctly for a direct claim.


If a direct claim is not paid by the Insurance Company then the owner needs to be aware that they will be responsible for the outstanding balance.