Prescribing & Dispensing Medicines

We follow the guidelines provided by our governing body, the RCVS & the medicines regulatory body, the Veterinary Medicines Directorate[VMD] in our protocols for prescribing & dispensing to our patients.

Prescription Only Medicines [POMs]
These can be only prescribed to an animal under our care, all new prescriptions need to be done after a physical consultation with the vet and generally all ongoing patients on POMs need a repeat consultation every 3 months, to reassess the patient, make sure the medicine is needed, effective and to ensure correct compliance.

POM Flea & Worm treatments
These are only prescribed to an animal under our care, generally a 12 monthly consultation with the vet is required, unless pet is growing or there are changes in weight or health status. where more frequent consultations are required.

Dispensing POMs
POMs are dispensed usually for a monthly prescription, unless not practical for certain medicines. Generally POM flea and worming products are dispensed for a 3 or 6 monthly prescription as appropriate.
A Dispensing Fee is applied to POMs to cover the costs of consideration, storage and administration for running the practice pharmacy.

Written Prescriptions
We are happy to provide a Written Prescription for our clients, so they can obtain their medicines from another pharmacy, please discuss with the vet if you would like a written script .
An appropriate fee is charged for each item and the general practice prescribing guidelines are followed as outlined above.