“Very caring and empathetic. The health plan is a good way of spreading costs. We adopted our super purry furry after someone had found him with his mouth glued up.

The head nurse took him home every night for 10 days to keep an extra special eye on him. When we had to say goodbye to our gorgeous gentle old boy we were treated so kindly and given time to say our goodbyes without feeling rushed.

They treated us all with great dignity and compassion, explaining everything in easily to understand terms.”

“Bruce loves the visiting the vets! On every visit he’s been fussed over and I’ve left feeling that he and I are valued, I feel that I can trust the staff at Oak House Vets and that Bruce will always be treated with love and care.

All the staff have gone over and above to give advice and greet us warmly, the atmosphere is always friendly and I couldn’t be happier with the staff or the service.

I highly recommend, as does Bruce”

Bruce's owner

“Barnaby my three year old Springer Spaniel became lame, he was diagnosed with a rare tumour on his left leg at the elbow. After a long journey and changing my vet to The Oak House Veterinary Centre during his treatment, was the best decision I have ever made and he is prayerfully on the road to recovery.
With many thanks to my new vet Andrew Draper and James Pratt at the Animal Referral Centre at Rotherham for their expertise and dedication, that was second to none, in treating my beautiful dog Barnaby.
Words will never express the level of gratitude of which I owe to Andrew and his team over the excellent care of Barnaby, starting with the receptionists on the front line right through to the vets and Veterinary nurses!
This is a true testimonial to such a dedicated team … THANK YOU ALL
You have made this extremely painful journey of seeing my dog suffering much easier to bear and I now have back the dog I lost to illness back in July.
He is extremely happy and so am I ! ”

Barnaby O'Hara's owner

“For anyone who loves their pets I can’t recommend Andrew and Oakhouse Veterinary Centre enough. I would never think twice about entrusting any of the vets or nurses with the care of my 3 dogs and 6 cats.
Over the years they have had several serious illnesses and injuries and, `I have never been less than 100{cee7562f1b8c69a3530f04d9fedbabfd51c3f38e7b009d3c643faee78c66ec87} happy with their care that they have received.”
SN, Carlton

“Andrew has been exactly the type of vet I like – he is easy to talk to and he will always take time to answer any questions and worries that you may have. I must admit to being a great worrier where my pets’ health are concerned and knowing that I can talk things through whenever I need to has always been a great help and comfort. ”

LF, Carlton

“I followed Andrew from his previous vets to Oak House because I was so impressed with the care and attention he gave my dog, Fudge- Particularily picking up a heart murmur when she was 5 years old, she is now 14 years old and seem incredibly strong apart from her arthritis.
His colleague Ann Holohan now looks after Fudge and she is incredibly supportive to me.
She is kind, considerate and above all is always a step ahead of any treatment Fudge may require.
She knows how neurotic I am about giving Fudge new drugs and always is prepared to discuss the alternatives.”

JT, Vale of Belvoir

“Like most things in life, there is a choice when it comes to vets. That choice has to be a considered one as our pets are members of our family and their care and well being is of paramount importance.
We didn’t choose Oak House (Martin Grace as it was then) by accident, we researched and took our friends recommendations on board.
In nearly 14 years they have not let us down. The service they provide is exemplary and what makes a huge difference to us is the fact that they care, they are not driven by money.

An example, I was in my local supermarket when I saw our vet who stopped to enquire after our dog as he had been receiving treatment. Free advice was dispensed in the aisle with the reassurance that we could ring at any time if concerned.
When one of our dogs needed specialist surgery and treatment we were helped in our decision in where to go, and the concern in his progress was genuine, and we received phone calls from Oak House to enquire how he was doing.
All veterinary surgery and medicine is expensive, what sets them apart is the level of service and care, Oak House is top of the tree in my book”

Chester's dad

“As far as I am concerned this is the best veterinary practice in Nottingham and I wouldn’t trust any other with the care of my 6 cats and 4 dogs. I have been using the practice since late 1990 when it was owned by Martin Grace and the excellent service continued (and got better) after it was bought by Andrew Draper.
I am not ashamed to say that my pets are my children and as such I set very high standards when it comes to their health care. At present one of my cats is undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma and EVERYONE at the practice (vets, nurses and receptionists) have been very supportive.
The treatment has not been easy but, due to the care given, Albert (my cat) and myself have come through it. I always know that if ever I have any worries that help is only a phone call away.”

Newton family

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Save money and protect your pet with the Oak House Pet Health Club. Check out all the membership benefits and see how much you could save.

Save money and protect your pet with the Oak House Pet Health Club. Check out all the membership benefits and see how much you could save

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My puppy had some health issues and so far they've been more than helpful. They always go above and beyond to make sure everything is covered even during the lockdown.
Could not have asked for a better vet!
Big thanks to Andrew 🙂