Fireworks Top Tip for Dog owners:

The best way to prepare for fireworks is to think like a dog.

They feel scared as they are alarmed by the loud noises of the fireworks but do not understand that fireworks cannot harm them and feel safer when they have a hiding space.

You can make your dog a ‘den’ for them to feel safe in

There are a number of products available that are designed to help reduce the stress of fireworks for your dog, one in particular is ADAPTIL

Plug in an ADAPTIL Diffuser close to your dog’s den or fit an ADAPTIL Collar on your dog. ADAPTIL is a synthetic copy of the dog appeasing pheromone proven to help dogs cope with fireworks.

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We use a combination of behavioural and medical treatments – along with pheromones, we also use stronger anti anxiety drugs if you have a very anxious pet that could harm itself.

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Enjoy yourselves but remember your pets!