dogs running in the park

We are seeing higher than normal cases of Kennel Cough at both our surgeries, so we just wanted to warn owners of the risks.

Bordetella Bronchiseptica and Parainfluenza (also known as Kennel Cough) are responsible for this highly infectious and easily spread disease.

It is spread amongst dogs, especially where there are many dogs in one place such as at the park or in your own back garden!

Kennel cough is spread easily from dog to dog. Each cough produces minute droplets containing the bacterium and virus. Once in the air the droplets are inhaled by the next dog and so the infection is passed on.

The incubation period for Kennel Cough is approximately 10 days however, the disease can still be spread for a number of weeks after the infected animal has stopped coughing.

By vaccinating against Bordetella and Parainfuenza (Kennel Cough), you will help your dog avoid sneezing, coughing, painful retching and as a result sometimes vomiting, reduced appetite and nasal discharge. Severe Kennel Cough in puppies or older dogs could cause pneumonia if left untreated and in some cases this could be fatal.

When vaccinating your dog against Kennel Cough we recommend you also note the following:

• Your dog is not fully protected from Bordetella until 72 hours after the KC booster vaccine has been given.
• Kennel Cough vaccinated dogs can shed the vaccine strain of Kennel Cough for several weeks. Some studies show up to 6 weeks. (Kennel Cough is a live vaccine). Immunocompromised individuals can be at risk e.g. pregnant or on chemotherapy.